David Boykin

saxophonist, composer, organizer

Rooted in the hard swinging tradition of musicians like Louis Armstrong and Charlie Parker, composer and saxophonist David Boykin is one of the most innovative and exciting musicians on Chicago's remarkably diverse music scene. Like Sun Ra and Ornette Coleman, his music challenges and expands the common aesthetics used to define beauty in music. He has performed with many world reknown creative musicians, including Malachi Favors, Kahil El' Zabar, Leroy Jenkins, Ari Brown, Nicole Mitchell and Hamid Drake.  He has received many grants and awards for his talents as a composer.  He is the leader of the David Boykin Expanse and an occasional collaborator with a few other artists.  

David Boykin began studying music on the clarinet at the age of 21 in 1991 and first performed professionally in 1997.  Since 1997 he has released 10 album length recordings as a leader and contributed as a featured soloist to other musicians’ recordings; and performed at major international jazz festivals and smaller jazz venues locally and abroad.

David Boykin is the founder of Sonic Healing Ministries, an organization dedicated to the evolution of the human spirit through music. The crux of their mission is that artist consciously creates work that impacts themselves and their audiences in a positive manner with respect to their physical, psychological, and emotional well being.

"One of the current focuses in my work is the infusion of hip hop style rhyming into my music without sacrificing the core elements of each. These core elements being the rhythmic complexity, especially swing feel, of jazz; the harmonic complexity of jazz; and the use of multi syllabic words, varied rhyme scheme, alliteration, metaphor, and other poetic devices common to some styles of hip hop emceeing." --David Boykin.